Tuesday, April 11, 2006

El Paso's FUSION X

This project is near and dear because it involves a group of guys in my home town of El Paso that are talented in one way or another. Some old acquaintences, some new but all of them are going somewhere. The name was penned by HIRED GUN writer and creator Justin Carmona as a poke at all those X franchises and those who ride on those coat tails. This is a "tongue in cheek" title that pokes fun at ourselves as well. The book itself is an anthology with 4 stories ranging from a mexican luchadero fighting Dracula to a tale of a rogue wizard conjured werebear.

Another reason this anthology is so personal to me is that is represents our efforts in changing what we thought prior El Paso creators have done in reference to comics. We meet often and try to have a semblence of organization and try to invest in our talents through realistic views. I'm not saying it's bad to dream but putting out a black and white ash can and promising a series not picked up by any established publisher and not making good on that promise is heart breaking and just foolhardy. Not only are we attempting to put out self contained stories that we hope leave the reader satisfied but asking for more without feeling it was a hack job. That's another goal-Quality. We want to offer great stories and great art that grows and improves. We wanted this so much we tracked down, hog-tied, drugged and made Juan Muro (GRIPS) do a story with us. He is now as much a part of Project IV publishing as any of us. We aren't what El Paso is used to getting every so many years. Like the HIRED GUN book, this is going to be something worth picking up. You don't have to like the stuff, but know this wasn't a last minute all nighter either. This is just a local self publication but if you want more info or a copy contact us. I'll update you as things get closer to our may release. www.project4publishing.com


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