Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who and what? FUSION X

Alright so I've told you a little about our self published anthology a little. Now here are the details on what to expect in the book and who's working on it.

Four (4) self contained 8 page stories, the first (The order may vary in print) being a story featuring EL VALIENTE. A Mexican wrestler pulp hero standing against a slew of horrific Monsters. Created and written by our own RAY RAMOS and wonderfully illustrated by the chatty ELMER PASAOA. Believe me this is a quick injection of pure fun.

Next we have WAY OF THE SWORD. A mythic tale with beautiful design work, armies, decapitation, and plenty of drama. This is written, and illustrated by the renaissance man himself, HUGO CANTU.

Third is a tentatively titled story the WERE-BEAR. Hailing his return from comicdom is JUAN MURO known for his work on GRIPS from GREATER MERCURY comics years ago. He writes and provides the art for this short story that is comical, action packed and beautifully rendered. A champion must deal with a rogue magically conjured Were-Bear that is the instrument of an over confident wizard.

Lastly is DEAD HORIZON, a story about a man and his daughter surviving psychologically and literally in a wasteland littered with the undead. This is a nod to Zombie lovers. Created and scribed by JUSTIN JUDE CARMONA and drawn by myself.

In addition we plan on having a JAM POSTER as seen below in it's design infancy printed to give away and hopefully grace your wall soon! Look for us in MAY and through out the summer folks. Don't be afraid to drop me or us a line whenever you like.


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