Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Never stop GROWING

Ah,...I was contemplative today and reading an old WIZARD special dedicated to JIM LEE. He's pretty much the reason I'm even attempting to do comics in the first place. Of course I have one of those stories about the first time I ever saw his stuff. For me it was that Punisher War Journal Issue that had Wolverine and Punisher on the cover fighting in Africa or something, anyway I was in Junior High and at the time with no money I didn't really buy comics much. The next time I got an issue of the Punisher War Journal was number 8 and I lied to my Dad and told him that I was collecting all the issues so he would buy it for me at 7-Eleven. I guess at the time I enjoyed the character even though I owned absolutely no Punisher issues before that but this was my first (oblivious to me at the time) attempt at following an artists work. I was well aware of the art and immediately took this guys name to memory.

Well, that was a rant, my point was in the intro written by James Robinson he notes that JIM is an artist that grows and will always be growing like so few other ever popular artists that stand the test of time. He also points out that with some artists we know that this is what we get. Nothing more. They have reached that point and it's a comfy spot. The last set artists are worse because after a peak it's pretty much down hill from there. It's unfortunate because some artist don't do this purposely but that's why those that do grow and evolve and keep their art from going stale is a rare thing.

Ideally, I only hope that I am grouped in the "growth" column.



Blogger Khryzthian said...

JIM LEE rocks, no doubt 'bout it!

I guess when i was little, JOHN BYRNE was my first idol into comics, i still
remember the SUPERMAN's sagas from JOHN BYRNE

See ya!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Khryzthian said...

One more thing


7:32 PM  
Blogger Rudy Vasquez Penciler said...

Thanks, ARCHENEMY has been good to me and Tone Rodriguez is THE nicest guy in the business, the veritable TOM HANKS of comics if you will. John Byrne is a great story teller too, gotta love his early work especially!

9:17 PM  
Blogger Rudy Vasquez Penciler said...

BTW, I love FEAR FACTORY! That new rendition of CARS is my fave!

9:18 PM  
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