Monday, May 08, 2006

U.T.F. Review at!! My work in Issue #2

I'm going to be selfish here...I know U.T.F. #2 published by Ape Entertainment won't be out until the beginning of July and we still have U.T.F. #1 yet to hit the stands but I have work published in issue #2. More notably a U.T.F Pinup and an 8 page preview of an upcoming series about werewolves called NADIR! Too Cool!

If you want a review of U.T.F. issue #1 you can follow the link to the grunts section and the link to the review of #1 AND #2. I've seen and read the advance pages and I think the story enlivens the concept and hits you hard with awesomely tempered artwork by Ton Rodriguez. His pencils pull you into the page with his classicly fresh style. Check out what broken frontier had to say about it.

If you like what you read, order an issue from your local shop and if you live in El Paso, order #2 while you're at it. I'll catch up with the copy if it's in your pull list and sign it or you can wait for a signing we'll have with this book and our Fusion X to get my John Hancock. Remember it's a 3 issue mini so no long term committment! I'm not asking you to marry me. Just order U.T.F. #2. Thanks

All artwork posted above is done by Tone Rodriguez-Cover U.T.F.#1 and interiors of U.T.F #2


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