Thursday, June 01, 2006


This is a bit late, but I've been having computer problems. Anyway, another update for Project IV, we will be present at this year's EL PASO ANIME CONVENTION at the Utep Union. As per the usual, stop by for sketches and of course this is another chance for you to pick up a signed copy of FUSION X #1.

Where? UTEP Union Building

When? Friday and Saturday June 2nd and 3rd 10:30-9:30 pm

Cost? I know I have to pay 5 dollars for 1 day or 7 dollars for 2 days but I'm an exhibitor, not sure if you have to pay.

Either way it's not much and there will be ANIME movies showing, Video game tournaments, workshops on Kendo and Manga story boarding, as well as other manga artists. Stop by and say "HI".

By the way if you've already picked up a copy of FUSION X, write us at with a review and if we post it on our site, you'll get an original piece of art from one of our artists. Don't be shy, write us!


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Get up to the minute playing video game information!!

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