Saturday, July 08, 2006

EGO-Our Cancer our Fuel

You know I thought I wouldn't address this for a few years now, when I knew more people would here this and people would actually want to listen to me. At this point I really just need to vent, plain and simple. This as the title says is about EGO's.

In a job we deal with them and in this case it's the comic biz. We have them and we encounter them in others. Sometimes it's hard to know where and when an EGO's influence should begin and end. I think as far as "A" list Artist's and Writers we've heard stories or had our own experiences that leave us wishing the image wasn't ruined by that encounter. Our impression of our icons is much better left to the printed page sometimes. At other times, meeting these talents really just adds to our admiration as they are patient, gracious and just an example for all of us.

This rant was prompted by recent events and to be honest a long tradition unfortunately in the small press, (if it can even be called that) arena in my small town which has spawned maybe ONE big talent that has become succesful in the sense that he's making a living doing this. THAT person is a great example of checked ego and professionalism.

An EGO can be a force for good as it is for most in the industry. Let's not be coy here, we secretly utilize our EGO as fuel in that we see what others do and say to ourselves, "I want to be better than that guy." I'd wager we all do it and that's ok, I mean that's the nature of competition. It keeps us striving to outdo one another and who win's? The fans.

What isn't cool is the "dark side", if you will. I recently read a few weeks back on Deviant Art a journal that asked for people to share their encounters with EGO's while that person could have easily been the SUBJECT of a story. It was completely laughable to me, as he is completely passive aggressive about his JEALOUSIES. That is it, right there. Jealousy. It's one thing to want to outdo someone but when it becomes jealousy, that gives way to closing ones self up and really giving off a vibe that screams, "Hey, look at me instead of him." Once we decide to NOT talk to someone because they intimidate us or we are jealous of them is a step in the wrong direction. If things get better for me and I made some money doing this for a living, I'll hopefully read back on this and check myself because nobody wants to be that fake guy with an overgrown EGO with not enough talent to back it up.

Unless you're "the best there is at what you do", humility is the best bet.

Well, this is probably nothing you don't already know.


Blogger Press Oblivion said...

Hey Rudy,
I saw this drawing at the DW message board. I think it's great! While I was viewing it on of my co-workers, a 62 year old woman spotted it over my shoulder and began to gush!

She was so taken with the drawing that asked me to print it out announcing to the office that she wanted to frame it.

At first she thought that it was my drawing. I've never gotten a response like that to my work and really wanted to take credit but I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due so I told her that some guy named Rudy drew this.

A couple of other folks here at work saw it and i continued to get questions about it like it was my art. I thought this was a great story and something that I should share with you.

Anyway, you have my office in an uproar over your depiction of Wolverine. I'm jealous because, again, I have never gotten a response like that from any of the work that I have done.

Great Job! I saw your Deviant account and there is some great stuff there too.

Keep at it,

4:55 PM  
Blogger Rudy Vasquez Penciler said...


This is a good story and as compliments go I don't take them so well. Before I change the subject, let me say that it took alot for you to deny credit and be honest. THAT quality means more in life than talent. You have integrity in a world that is in serious lack of it. Write me anytime, if you have work I'll check it out, not to judge but to appreciate and let's keep the lines of communication open.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Press Oblivion said...

You're a good guy Rudy! & one hell of a talent.

I wish you the best in all that you do and great success in the industry.

Take care,

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:48 AM  
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