Friday, December 11, 2009

One-Eyed Jack! Issue 1 Reviewed

I'm reviewing this book for my buddy Jon Castaneda. Obviously it's hard not to have a bias but keep in mind this book is the reason we're such good friends today. I was handed what is now the first issue by writer Justin Carmona (Hired Gun). At the time it was nothing more than an ashcan sized photocopied version of the first issue that is now available. Even though it was rough looking in every respect the story at the core of this book is what cemented my respect for Jon's storytelling ability.

One-Eyed Jack! is the story of Jack a strange creature even on a world of strange creatures. Or is he? Don't we all feel like we don't belong somehow? Jack, is a being with possible ties to the Greys. Classic Aliens that are constantly described by us humans after purported abductions. The first issues explains the reason he loses an eye and gives you a sense of the world Jack lives in and manages to inject subtle philosophy in the process. The battle in which Jack loses his eye isn't what you might think.

One of the biggest components of the story is the use of lucid dreaming or astral projection, all brought forth by meditation. In this plane is where Jack makes his first discovery about himself and his inner self more notably. The story succeeds in touching higher concepts like, spirituality, philosophy and existentialism while still layering fun fanboy genre's like Kung-Fu, Science Fiction and Super-Heroism.

The design of the book and it's characters is eclectic and surreal. Jack's father is a feline/canine humanoid with spiky hair and Jack's mode of transportation is a giant Bee!

If there is anything Jon Castaneda could improve upon it's the illustration itself and yet, he is. The second issue has grown astronomically art wise. The evolution ranges from the illustration to the colors. Here you get to witness not only Jack discover himself and grow but the creator as well.

I suggest you treat yourself or someone else and order this book on The second issue is also available and the story is picking up steam!

If you're not reading this book, you don't know Jack!

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