Saturday, February 16, 2008

Give me a True LADY

You know, especially in this generation, I feel there is a shortage of gentlemen. Believe me I agree and I hear it all over. It's on T.V., it's on the radio, it's complained about by the women we know. They say, " Where are the real men?" "Where are the gentlemen?"

Especially, with the uprise of sub cultures, in rock, or hip hop where recording artists are singing about women in ways that I wouldn't repeat to any girl I know, at least not if I was serious. lol-The thing is, are we programming the women too? Are they starting to buy it? Are they becoming, bitches, and hoe's, and just fine pieces. Do they think that, that is where there actual power is?

In a way they're right. For most men, we are ruled by one thing. This is an absolute statement but in a nutshell, it's "sex". The thought of it, the prospect of it, the sight of it. Women somehow have learned to use their appearance, they're bodies, their behavior to manipulate us. I can't say I blame them.

Still, this isn't something we all don't already know. What I'm here to point out is our FOCUS on GENTLEMEN, and our LACK of focus on the ABSENCE of LADIES.

Being either one means, having manners, being kind, and most importantly being considerate. The problem is, having already admitted that there aren't many "gentlemen" out there, who's demanding that a woman act like a "lady". As long as some idiot guy gets sex at some point he doesn't care how he's treated. If he doesn't like how he's treated or isn't going to get any he moves on to the next target/victim.

Yeah, I think women are so used to being the "victim" and demanding that they be treated with respect that they think nothing of their lack of respect for men. Their lack of consideration, thoughtfulness, courtesy. A woman that uses these qualities with not only people she knows, but with anyone, is a woman worth respecting. Anyone else is only a little girl and deserves how men treat them.

I suppose as long as more guys keep playing the game and "acting" like nice guys to get what they want, the "girls" won't have a real need to grow up.

I personally have encountered so many little girls with no, courtesy, that finding a real women with etiquette, manners, and consideration is like the holy grail. Believe me, if you are one, I will value you as a friend because it reminds me they exist. If I am ever lucky enough to call a true lady a partner, I'll appreciate that for what it is.

For the rest of the girls, you're a dime a dozen. Sizing men up, like men do you, acting like behaving as we do is cool. Cussing, smoking, ignoring, drinking to the point of embarrassment, not calling, lying,..ect.

Don't complain about men and how they treat you. You're not earning any kind of respect. Only that he'll be nice to you, until he gets it.

Don't complain about the lack of gentlemen,....they're just as rare as a true LADY.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear that someone feels the loss of a true lady. I feel I work very hard this day and age to maintain my "art of being a lady" I do get wonderful complements from women who reconize the difference, but are unwilling to make the effort to be a true lady. It is rewarding to have men treat you with kindness and respect. Good writing.

4:18 AM  
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