Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Call

The winter is ebbing away and it gives way to spring. Things are so much richer in spring. As opposed to summer, it's warm not hot, even the colors look more vibrant in it's infancy. The greens come alive and the air is sweet with the flavor of life. As the earth comes alive again, so do the hopes and fervor of our creativity as artists or writers in the comic industry.

I for one am excited to create and draw kick ass new pieces of work for the con season. This is the time of the year everyone prepares for San Diego, you can feel it. The blood, sweat and tears drip from furrowed brows as we pour our souls into the work, hoping it brings us even more reason to continue doing what we love. I for one am buzzed about this year and what it might bring. We all wait for what used to be the "phone call", which is now more likely the "e-mail" that asks us if we want to work on that dream job, or work at that dream publisher. Yes, the air is rich with promise. In my excitement I laid down some test pages for DC, and as I keep working on current projects and pages like these, I'll be waiting... for "the call". Spring is around the corner, I'm just warming up!


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