Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CARNIVAL comics Sues NBC

"Both stories have a Hunter who attacks the Carnival while his daughter is at the Carnival. On the left is a scene where the Hunter from Carnival of Souls is looking at his daughter through the scope of his rifle. In the picture on the right, the Hunter from Heroes is also looking at his daughter through the scope of his gun, while he is attacking the Carnival."

"Above is where both stories have an evil character enter the House Of Mirrors and blast an enemy with Kinetic Energy from his hands. The camera angle is substantially similar. Both are overhead shots as the evil character enters. The design of the mirrors is similar, as is the darkness behind the mirrors. The scene seems to be directly storyboarded from Carnival of Souls."

"Above is where both protagonists have their names called out to them and both protagonists then reply 'Mother/Mom' when their dead mother appears to them in the mirrors. The camera angle of both characters as well as the circular House Of Mirrors design are substantially similar. The scene seems to be directly storyboarded from Carnival of Souls.)"

To read details click on the Title above. The nitty gritty of this case is how we feed these corporate creatures enough that they are capable of consuming US at some point. I'm the ARTIST for the upcoming issues for CARNIVAL Comics CARNIVAL of SOULS series, available for download on your smart phone. I can tell you that what I know and have seen leaves little doubt as to whether or not NBC indeed got lazy and stole story elements from the CARNIVAL of SOULS series.

This circumstance and the images are now a matter of public record so, although there will be a presiding Judge in the case, I know you will still judge based on what you see. That's what people do.

Since the lawsuit was filed, I've seen the response online and am perplexed at how quickly people have an opinion, especially after NOT having read the comic book in reference. The lawsuit is NOT based on stolen, CONCEPTS, TITLES or general IDEAS. The entertainment industry in general is full of projects that very obviously do "their" version of the same idea. Sometimes with similar TITLES and promotional graphic images to lull us into buying some derivitive or second hand version.

That IS NOT the issue here. What happens when you have generic ideas or concepts lifted but it doesn't stop there. What if YOUR "STORY" which was obviously literally available to anyone at their fingertips (You can read the Carnival of Souls comics on your smart phone right now so it's not like it's obscure) is used on a well financed show? We're talking about not only, the concepts (which aren't original) but specific screen shots, story elements and sequences of specific events that ecompass an entire story. Of couse, the characters are not expactly the same and other elements are different, but to focus on the differences is simply misdirection. We're talking about the elements that are the same.

The facts are, there was MOTIVE, ( the shows ratings were dropping) there was OPPORTUNITY, (I can't divulge those details) and the worst part of all, is I'm sure they think they can get away with it.

If you think, you're safe from this kind of corporate Piracy, think again. It's a subtle thievery but keep in mind these writers are under a lot of pressure to keep these huge shows afloat. It only takes one person to compromise their morals and a huge network to back them up for advertising money on a once successful show.

We all create comic books because we love them, and usually money isn't the reason we continue to do them but just because we're barely on the mainsteams radar that does NOT give some CORPORATION the right to do this. I love lot's of other NBC shows, so it's not a boycott but if it looks like a DUCK in this case.....



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That sucks mate! Hope it works out for you guys!

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