Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Best of the Best: El Paso's Best Artist Winner for What's up Magazine

I'm not big on contests or awards but if you're recognized it is an honor because that means that somewhere out there someone is recognizing you. That means a lot to me because as a creator my goal is to express myself and I do that by doing what I love. I love sequential art and I didn't think that had any room in the fine art world as well, but I guess it does.

For whatever reason, thank you all for the endless encouragement and kind words. I'm always appreciative that anyone at all cares about what I do. I hope I can continue to use my art to help people to think, feel and grow in any way possible. Thank you What's Up Magazine for helping El Pasoans vote me the city's BEST ARTIST this year. It's an honor. Hopefully I can live up to that by giving you all some decent art and stories soon.


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