Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year...right?

Wow, ok I don't even know where to start. Or even if I should but the show (life) must go on right?

This isn't a memoir so I won't go into much detail. I think that's been my problem though, is that I tell people way too much and still keep important bits to myself. The pieces that aren't very flattering and in the end I am my worst fan, which leads to not so great things.

I've had to reprioritize my life yet again and hopefully move forward in a positive way. What this means for you, is more art and hopefully better art. I know pain is good for creative people so I've got a mountain load of it to kull from.

I've learned and am learning one of the biggest lessons ever. First, you can't really love anyone 100% until you love yourself. In the end, you'll self implode and there will be collateral damage. The people around you.

Second, who we are is determined not by how we act but how we RE-act. Trust me, when things happen and we fall or are kocked down or knock ourselves down, what we do next says a lot about who we choose to be. We are not 2 dimensional people but humans with a mosaic of feelings, experiences and angels and demons. How we choose to deal with these will affect who we are profoundly.

Through the last few months, I've learned a lot about myself and the people around me. Or the people I had around me. It's a blessing and has streamlined my life in both good and bad ways.

I'm grateful I was forced to look at myself and admit so many things. That part was and is by far the hardest. Now it's time to get up and walk on.

I'm excited to be posting work from CARNIVAL Comics soon and hopefully some great stuff in between. Thank you for being there with me. I don't forget it.

We are all works in progress and like the art we do, we don't exit this life perfect and done. We abandon life as a work in progress hoping for all of our flaws, we are still appreciated for the rest of our beauty. No one is an exception. Sometimes we need to die in order to be reborn again. Let's see what this year brings.



Blogger P.J. Magalh√£es said...

Hang in there Rudy! :) It sounds like a positive post and outlook on life.

One of my favourite sayings (forgive me if i have said it before): Experience is not what happens to you, experience is what you choose to do with what happens to you.

So i say "BRING IT! " :D

1:32 PM  

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