Saturday, March 05, 2011


This is a long time coming. I finally have a minute to mention and rave about The UNIQUES. This is a comic series created, written, drawn and colored by the dynamic duo, Adam Withers and Comfort Love.

They've been adding to the Uniques mythos for a while and have a lot of books under their belt. It's super hero stuff at it's best in the indy market. The art is spectacular and they have created a rich three dimensional universe. You can get your fix here, either in print or online:
They do this for a living so be generous. A while back they asked myself and other talented folks to contribute to a spin off feature called The Uniques Tales. I was asked to draw a pinup of their character the Country Man, which was part of a story in The UNIQUES TALES Issue # 5. You can read the story online here:
Thanks so much for enoying this stuff and supporting your independent comics.

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